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Mr. Jakob Bills

Elementary Principal

Our elementary school comprises the Early Childhood (Pre kinder and Kinder) and grades 1-5; Typically there are 2 classes at every grade level, each assigned to one homeroom teacher with a full time teaching assistant. These classes are also receive the services of by our Support Services ESL (English as a Second Language), OLC (Optimal Learning Center) which serves the needs of students with special learning needs and of our elementary school psychologist who oversees the social and emotional development of our young students. Other adults involved in the learning, development and healthy growth of our students are the specialist teachers: Art, Music, Spanish and Sports teachers are an integral part of the group of caring adults that constitutes the student’s learning team. The Elementary school is where it all begins. It is here where the youngest students learn the skills and knowledge that make the foundation upon which their career as lifelong learners will be built. At EBV we believe in the development of the whole child; in the area of academics elementary students will learn Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Social Studies and Science through proven, current programs as well as hands-on learning experiences, real life problems and technology as learning tools. Our school’s Citizenship Code -Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Compassion and Fairness- and our Core Values program are consistently enforced across subject areas and activities. At EBV we count on parents as members of the learning team to make it whole. It is only when a solid partnership between home and school is formed that our vision for our students to become caring, compassionate and educated citizens of the world can be fulfilled.

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