Senior Walk

On Tuesday, May 30th, the graduating seniors of Escuela Bella Vista took part in a long-standing tradition known as the "Senior Walk." The event, a staple of the school's pre-graduation ceremony for decades, involves seniors walking through their former elementary and middle school halls and their school departments in their graduation gowns.

The senior walk began at 2:00 pm, with the graduates gathering in the school's gymnasium. From there, they set off to visit each building in the school. At each stop, they were greeted by cheering students and teachers who lined the halls to congratulate them on their achievements.

The walk was an emotional experience for many of the graduating seniors. "It's crazy to think that just a few years ago, we were lining these halls," graduated seniors said. "Now we're graduating and moving on to the next chapter of our lives."

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Seeing the seniors walk through the halls was an inspiring experience for many of the younger students. "Who will give out our speech," said 10th grader Ireanna Raga. "I can't stop crying and thinking this will be us soon."

Overall, the Senior Walk was a fitting end to the graduating seniors' high school journey. As The seniors move on to new adventures, they will never forget the halls they once walked and the memories they made along the way.

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