Service Learning

Inspire and guide students on their personal learning pathways, to provide students with ubiquitous access to relevant information through dynamic physical spaces, and to be a model and center for collaboration, communication, and innovation.


The service offers a variety of resources for research and recreational reading to all students currently enrolled at EBV, to their parents, and to EBV stakeholders. The service staff seeks to encourage students to become lifelong learners by promoting a love of reading and by teaching the skills necessary to effectively access and evaluate resources in order to meet academic and personal needs.

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Elementary service

The Elementary service is a learning hub that serves to inspire and guide learners on their personal learning pathways. As a result of this, student voice and choice are prevalent through our practices and service lessons and routines. We believe that students have the right and responsibility to check out materials that will best fit those learning pathways. Elementary students visit the service on a regular schedule to find books and attend lessons on independent book choice, research and inquiry practices, and other activities to support literacy growth.

Middle School / High School service

The MS/HS service is a spacious, bright, and inviting space. Students have access to study as well as spaces for collaboration and reflective reading. Students can visit the service throughout the day and with their classes on a flexible schedule.

The EBV service team includes one teacher-librarian and one service instructional assistant. The Elementary service offers a wide variety of resources for research and recreational reading for students, parents, and staff. The collection includes books, ebooks, audiobooks, electronic databases, and monthly student magazines.

MEET Service Learning team

We invite you to visit our campus and experience our unique learning environment first hand. Please contact us at +58 261 7940000, or

We are not for profit

As an independent, not-for-profit school, all tuition and fees fund the cost of education. The not-for-profit status is an important feature of EBV as it supports the ability of the school to focus on the quality of education over satisfying any profit or investment expectations of owners or shareholders.

We Pursue Our Passions

Students at EBV are encouraged to explore their passions and get involved. Taking learning beyond the school day, students can pursue their interests with numerous extracurricular opportunities in the Arts, service, and Campus Recreation as well as help to support their community through Student Organizations.

We are Global Citizens

Global Citizenship at EBV creates authentic experiences that cultivate global understanding, fosters critical consciousness, and empowers people to positively impact their communities and the world.

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