Learning Support Program Philosophy

Escuela Bella Vista is committed to fulfilling the educational needs of students of diverse cultural and experiential backgrounds. We respect the individual differences among students. We are committed to providing ample opportunities for the student to experience and benefit from the development of individual patterns of creativity, inquiry and discovery.

Inherent in this philosophy is the acknowledgement to the fulfillment of the specific academic needs of students within the limitations of the school’s small size and geographical location. By Learning Support, we are referring to special training, adaptation of curriculum, and/or individualized programs. A special program develops to enable a student to achieve optimal academic, social, and emotional functioning, within the framework of the regular mainstream educational program offered at our school.

We believe that an optimal match should be achieved, between a child’s demonstrated pace and level of learning and the academic services available. The essential aim is to provide an optimal curricular match with the child’s intellectual and personal maturity, which will produce appropriate challenge and growth to enhance the student’s energy and motivation. We also recognize that achieving an optimal match requires flexibility, dedication and compromise.