What is expected of an EBV Teacher?

1.Maintains and assesses high standards and be accountable for the achievement of all students.
2.Plans effectively to maximize student learning of EBV curriculum.
3.Delivers the EBV curriculum using the most effective and current strategies to ensure all students achieve standards.
4.Actively participates in professional growth planning and in attaining professional growth goals.
5.Actively participates in various school meetings.
6.Actively participates in school improvement initiatives.

Professional Ethics Standards

1.Demonstrates a positive approach to challenges.
2.Participates in school activities.
3.Models EBV values as stated in the Citizenship Code.

Code of Professional Conduct.

This code represents an effort to establish a strong ethos of professional and ethical behavior for EBV staff. It, therefore, represents the high standards for the EBV community to which our staff is committed. All EBV staff agrees:

1.To demonstrate in their teaching and their interactions with others, respect for the dignity and rights of all persons without regard to race, religion or nationality.
2.To demonstrate in their interactions with students the belief and commitment that all children can learn.
3.To refrain from commenting negatively about students or their families.
4.To refrain from sharing information received in confidence except in situations where there is a professional need to know.
5.To emphasize the positive qualities of colleagues and refrain from gossip, backbiting, or spreading of rumors.
6.To make suggestions for improvements or practices through utilizing the appropriate administrative channel.