Elementary School

Escuela Bella Vista's elementary school is where our younger students take their first steps in their lifelong learning path. Our curriculum and instruction emphasize:

Inquiry-based instruction that challenges students to investigate and build upon their present knowledge and expand their learning.

Classrooms where students work independently and cooperatively and where content is used as the medium for children to learn about the world around them.

Core values program character education curriculum that fosters the development of ethical, responsible behavior and productive participation in a world society.

Opportunities to support the development of public speaking skills, personal confidence, self-expression and initiatives.

Our comprehensive learning program encompasses all core subject areas, core values and interests. It is intended to nurture the development of the whole child, aiming at the development of the intellectual, social and emotional growth of our students. Beginning with a comprehensive program for our youngest students our program serves pre-kindergarten (4yrs old) through grade 5 (10 yrs. old).
A curriculum of math, science, social studies and language arts, art, music, technology, and physical education is offered to all students. Students in grades 1-5 also receive Spanish instruction an average of 150 minutes a week. Technology is integrated across subjects with our 1:1 Ipad program that supports and enriches our program while engaging students in relevant learning.
Aligned with our comprehensive curriculum our students are offered opportunities to become:
Effective communicators who...
Use multiple modalities to demonstrate competence as active

Listeners: Daily Read aloud, Oral Reports, Audience to their peers

Speakers: Monthly Assemblies, presentations, plays, role playing, Read aloud in publishing parties, presentations for international Day, Student Led conferences.

Readers: Readers Workshop protocols Daily reading, reading logs, celebration of reading, DEAR Time, library, book fair, reading across the curriculum

Writers: Writers Workshop protocol, publishing, writing standards across the curriculum

Global citizens who...

Have a general understanding and appreciating for our diverse society through our


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