Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood building holds our youngest population and it offers a safe environment to serve the needs of our Pre Kinder and Kinder students.
Housed in the Early Childhood building are the Pre kinder (age 4) and Kinder students (age 5). For each of these grade levels there are typically 2 sections each with a cap of 15 students per Pre Kinder class and 18 students in each Kinder class.
Children's classroomsare their homerooms led by the homeroom teacher and an Instructional teacher assistant. The Homeroom teacher is the primary instructor covering the core areas of Language arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies using leaning centers and hands on activities. Within the Early Childhood schedule students also attend Physical Education, Library, Art, Music, and Technology.
The focus of EBV's Early Childhood program is to offer a safe, nurturing, learning conducive setting in which the child can explore and learn the foundational concepts and skills of the different core areas while developing the necessary social skills to learn collaboratively.

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