EBV High School Student Council

The EBV High School Student Council (StuCo) is a student-led organization to promote the interests of students among the school administration, faculty and parents. Students on the student council serve as representatives and role models of the school by adhering to the school citizenship code. Members of StuCo identify and propose changes to the school administration to improve the quality of life at school for the students. In addition, students organize and promote school educational and recreational activities for school spirit, such as biweekly assemblies, family fun nights, and non uniform days.

The current StuCo members are:

  • President: Gijsbert Tijsseling Vice president: Ana Haac
  • Treasurer: Shahrouz Dalirian
  • Secretary: Amanda Pineda
  • 9th grade class representatives: Nicole Castellanos, Yuliana Rojas
  • 10th grade class representatives: Veronica Raga, Jayka Tisminesky, Ariana Cooper, Valeria Sanchez
  • 11th grade class representatives: Paulina Maurovich, Grace Rooks
  • 12th grade class representatives: Juan Marin, Carolyn Talbott
  • Teacher advisor: Ms. Tomo Nishizawa

Responsibilities of StuCo members


  • To call and lead council meetings and develop all meeting agendas.
  • To make executive decisions when needed.
  • To work closely with the advisor on planning.
  • To communicate with the high school principal on planning.
  • To prepare all student assemblies.
  • To oversee all projects run by members of the council.

Vice President

  • To work closely with the President.
  • To serve in the absence of the President.
  • To plan and prepare activity requests for all educational and recreational activities.
  • To communicate with class representatives on grade-specific ideas or concerns.


  •  To present budgets for all proposed activities.
  • To give monetary advice to the council.
  • To organize all funds including income and expenses.
  • To participate in all fundraising projects.
  • To make and organizes purchases when necessary.


  • To maintain and share meeting minutes and attendance with all council members in a timely manner.
  • To update the STUCO board and other media outlets with announcements.
  • Write down notes about the meetings and share it with board members and representatives as necessary.


  • Advises student council meetings and activities.
  • Advises students on all projects including setting goals, planning and budgeting.

Class representatives

  • To communicate feedback from the specific grade to the council.
  • To communicate council activities to the specific grade.
  • To aid in the organization of educational and recreational activities proposed by the council.

Commitment Policy

 If you are not able to make a council meeting, you must communicate with the President or the Advisor 24 hours in advance.

  • Unexcused absences result in one strike.
  • Unexcused tardies result in a half strike.
  • Three strikes result in dismissal from the council.