Model United Nations (Model UN)

A simulation where students role-play UN delegates — is more than just an after-school activity. It is an opportunity to change the world. By stepping into the shoes of UN delegates Representing their countries' interests to the global community, Model UN participants build the knowledge, skills and relationships needed to build a better global future. Model UN is a transformative experience that deepens participants' understanding of the world and their place within it. Delegates emerge from Model UN with open minds, fresh ideas and new friends. With the skills they develop in speaking, writing, negotiating and diplomacy, it is no surprise that many go on to become community and world leaders.

Model UN is an activity and an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the following:

•World issues and how they effect a wide range of people and countries.
•How to speak in front of strangers confidently and competently.
•How to conduct organized and long- term research into difficult and complicated topics using a va riety of resources.

•How to use facts and statistics to develop an idea of what their country's position is on the topics.
•Write and analyze formal resolutions to represent their designated country in lobbying and debate.
•Learn Model UN debate rules and become comfortable operating in them.

“You are here to step into the shoes of UN ambassadors — to draft reso -

lutions, to plot strategy, to negotiate with your allies as well as your ad -

versaries. Your goal may be to resolve a conflict, to cope with a natural

disaster or to bring nations together on an issue like climate change. You

may be playing a role, but you are also preparing for life. You are acting as

global citizens.”

— United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon