At EBV, we take mathematics very seriously. All in all, everything is related to them!
IB Students have completed essays relating decoration, beauty, music, sports, medicine, architecture and many more subjects to math, and basically, at the Math Club, we enjoy exploring into that mathematics that is generally not taught in class!
For the last three years, EBV has been awarded a prize for being the most successful school in Zulia, at the Venezuelan Math Olympiads and we intend to keep that privilege for many more years! Moreover, in 2014, 11 of our EBV students represented us in the National Final Exam that took place in Caracas in June. This year, for the first time, we were the school that obtained more medals at the National Level and that makes us all very happy and proud!.
The math club is set to prepare students for the next math Olympiads in 2015 as well as to bring forth a passion for mathematics and sciences that is often hard to find. We do math in a fun way, play games and have a great time with students of all ages and grades, so don’t think about it anymore and come join us!