The mission of Escuela Bella Vista Athletics is to deliver a quality, progressive athletic program that will give student/athletes the opportunity to participate and compete in sports. In this process they will develop the ideals of sportsmanship, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

We believe that through exposure to a wide variety of activities student/athletes will gain an understanding of the importance of being a Physically Educated person who fits the description defined by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education(NASPE) whereby they; have learned skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, are physically fit, participate regularly in physical activity know the implications of and the benefits involved in physical activities and value physical activity and its contributions to a healthful lifestyle.

We also believe that they learn; to value and display sportsmanship, cooperation, being a team member, develop a competitive spirit, self-discipline, and responsibility and respect for themselves.

Elementary Activities

  1. Soccer *
  2. Basketball*
  3. Karate*
  4. Gymnastics*
  5. Tennis Jump Rope Club*
  6. Competition in local leagues Middle School Soccer**
  7. Basketball**
  8. Gymnastics Cheerleading Tennis Volleyball**
  9. Softball**
  10. High School Soccer**
  11. Basketball**
  12. Tennis Volleyball**
  13. Softball**

**VANAS(Venezuelan Association of North American Schools)is the interscholastic aspect of our program. We compete at the Middle school and High school levels in Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball and to a small extent Tennis.