Family Day

Chevron Family Day, an event hosted on EBV on Saturday May 20th, has so far been one of the school's most lively events! Starting at 8:00am, the school's doors opened to all students, staff, and families from the EBV and Chevron community who wanted to indulge in this day of fun. With the help of NHS, MsStuco, HsStuco, and the CAS students, the entry went smoothly and all those who attended got their food and raffle tickets.

With this quick entry, the event began and up until 11am those who came enjoyed the games, sports, food, and fun activities. There was something for everyone, from games for the little children to raffles and coffee for the adults! Once the clock hit 11am, everyone was called into the auditorium to continue the fun there, with a series of performances, talks, and more.

First, the entire auditorium lit up with the amazing musical performances to which everyone sang along and enjoyed. This was followed up by talks from the graduating seniors Daniel Nivar and Diego Ruiz, who talked about their acceptance into university and the way EBV and the IB program have aided them into having a successful high school graduation.

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Afterwards, the much awaited family raffle took place, with amazing prizes such as a TV, a computer, a bike, and a speaker. Those who won were definitely lucky, and the whole crowd cheered. Finally, the event rounded up with a visit to different booths showcasing the different clubs featured in our school.

There were booths for the National Honor Society, MS and HS StuCo, VANAS trips, CAS projects, Yearbook, and MUN which gave everyone a chance to overview the great clubs our school has to offer, and as Ms. Neriuska González stated, one of the main organizers of the event, “allowed our entire community the opportunity to share a special day and get to know in depth the most important activities and clubs in the EBV community that transmit each of the pillars of the school and that lead us to highlight the objectives of our mission”.

Moreover, Ms. González stated “It was an extraordinary day with the support of many people who worked hard to carry it out, from the organizing committee, of which I was a part, to the maintenance staff and all those who visited us from Chevron, it was noted that all the families that were able to attend they enjoyed

it to the fullest and their smiles and joy is what fills our hearts and made all the work worth it, I am especially proud of all the work that the students of STUCO, NHS, CAS and the seniors did to make this day possible. Once again we leave the name of our house of studies in style!”. Clearly, Chevron Family Day, without a doubt, was a success. Every single person left EBV with a smile on their faces, and thanks to Chevron for sponsor the event, and teachers such as Ms. González, Ms. Moron, Ms. Nelsy, the maintenance department, student volunteers, and many others, the party was possible.

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