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There is no one perfect college for anybody. Instead, for each student there are several colleges where he/she would feel very comfortable. It is important for students to realize that a great college for their best friend may not be the best college for themselves. The following are some factors which students should consider in selecting a college:


In which countries would you like to attend college? Do you want the campus to be located in a large city (urban) or in a smaller town? How close to home/family do you want to be? Are you comfortable being far away from family?


Are you going to be most comfortable at a college that has a small student population? How would you like to be at a college with more than 30,000 students? Or are you looking for something in between the two?

Type of Institution

Types of institutions vary based on location and course of interest. Would you prefer to attend a private institution or public? A liberal arts college or a university?


Which colleges offer the major you are most interested in? What are the best colleges for your major?

Admission Statistics

Which colleges best match your academic qualifications in terms of grade point average and standardized test scores?

Social & Political Climate

Do you have enough self-discipline to be academically successful at a college where students are very active socially? Would you feel most comfortable at a college where the majority of students are liberal or conservative?


Are you interested in attending a university with a large international population? Would you like to attend a college with a significant minority percentage?


What can my family realistically afford for college tuition? Which colleges offer financial aid to international students?

Academic Record

Grade Point Average (GPA)

the average of a student's semester grades. GPA is often viewed as an indicator of postsecondary success and plays an important role in college admissions.

Class Rank

A method used to compare a student's academic performance to other members of the graduating class. The student with the highest GPA in the class is ranked number 1 and so on. Escuela Bella Vista has elected to not use a class rank.


A document noting courses, grades, and credits for each semester in high school. The cumulative GPA is also included. Colleges use this document to look at the trend in grades and rigor of courses selected.

Test Scores

Most colleges will accept ACT or SAT test scores. These tests are usually taken in the spring of junior year and students have the option of taking the test more than once. Registration information is available in the counseling office or online ( Click on "ACT" or "SAT" below ). The best way to prepare for these college entrance exams is by doing practice problems because this allows students to become familiar with the instructions, test format, and types of questions they can expect on the actual tests.


This test only has two scores: Reading & Writing, Math. These two scores are added to arrive at the combined score. Scores range from 200 (lowest) to 800 (highest) for each section. The SAT no longer has an additional penalty for guessing. EBV is a testing center for the Digital SAT and offers various testing dates throughout the year.

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