General College Readiness Timeline

Freshman Year (Grade 9)

Beginning in 8th grade, middle and high school counselors work with students to ensure a successful transition to high school. Students are encouraged to focus on creating a balanced, enriching high school experience by building healthy interpersonal relationships with peers and teachers, participating in extracurricular activities, and working hard to build academic habits of success. Freshman year grades are now a part of the student’s academic record and will be presented to prospective colleges and universities.

Sophomore Year (Grade 10)

Students continue to build on academic success while working with their college counselor to better understand their own strengths, interests, learning styles, and career compatibility. This information is used to choose IB courses for their junior and senior year.

Junior Year (Grade 11)

Juniors begin their IB Diploma coursework. In second semester juniors will begin college research and planning, essay writing, standardized testing, and requesting letters of recommendation.

Senior Year (Grade 12)

Students narrow down their list of postsecondary options, compile necessary materials, and apply to schools in the Fall/Winter of their senior year. Some students will elect to retake the SAT during this time. Students must be diligent in checking their application portals and communications from colleges in order to fulfill acceptance requirements while maintaining their grades/academic record.

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