Art week

Art week called us to enjoy art in all its FORMS. Ms. Jhanoaira Barrios, our art teacher, and Mr. German Urdaneta, our music teacher, held a great event with the students during the week of May 22-26. It really turned out to be a great Art Fair in which we were able to appreciate the artistic talent of our students.

This beautiful week was a celebration of all FORMS of art: painting, music, theater, photography, design, dance and film, but above all it was a celebration of the artistic spirit of our community, every morning in a magical and creative environment primary school students painted together with their parents. Everyone at the school witnessed how our auditorium became, thanks to art, a space for imagination, peace, inclusion and beauty.

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It is important to highlight that the Art Week, not only united us with the internal community of the school, but also with the artistic community of the city in the central forum "Art is in everything" we were able to listen and meet outstanding personalities involved with the world of art in our city and country, a forum that, on the other hand, was extraordinarily well attended, it was gratifying to see our representatives and our elementary, middle and high school students be present, ask questions and enjoy the different performances that were presented. Without a doubt, “La Semana del Arte” was a success and we already look forward to next year's edition.

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